The Canadia' Reviewer is a review show hosted on TFanPage101 on Youtube. It is a continuous series on a Canadian, who is the admin of the Transformers: Fan Page on Facebook. Cloned from a Canadian, yet in the mix of all things wound up being part Australian, was created to do reviews in a semi-comedic way. He's made some allies and some enemies along the way.

Shockwave became partly his mascot, even though they may bicker, they still stick together. Bumblebee is an enemy of the Canadia' Reviewer somehow which isn't well explained. Along side, another reviewer was created in the mix called the 'Merican Reviewer who has made cameo appearances and even collberated reviews is working with LarryArtsProduction3 on his Youtube Channel and bickers with Larry as they try to live together. Also something about Bob I'm not really sure.

Time and time again there's been toys that is pretty cool, some that are meh, and some very, very, dumb toys that he will even rage about. What will happen next? Continue watching the Canadia' Reviewer on youtube.

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